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Wilhelm T & P is the right contact for consultation on systems in the plastics processing industry. We have been working with leading international machine manufacturers for decades. This allows us to guarantee our customers the best quality and reliable service. We have been representing company Herbold successfully since 2009.


The core business of Herbold Meckesheim is the production of machines and systems for waste processing in the plastics industry. The company offers solutions for the processing of used, mixed and contaminated plastics as well as the fine grinding of plastic granules and waste. In addition, Herbold's machines are used in many other applications in waste processing, raw material recovery and material preparation for various industrial processes. Herbold provides both complete washing systems and separate washing components for existing systems.


Plast Compactor HV for Compaction


The Plast Compactor HV is specifically designed for compacting lightweight ground materials such as chips, foam, fibers, and films. It's available in two different sizes.

The compacted material, also known as agglomerate, possesses a higher weight compared to the initial material. It has good flowability and can be extruded or injected without requiring any stuffing. By employing agglomerate in mixing silos, for instance, behind film washing systems, a larger quantity of material per mix can be processed, resulting in a more homogeneous blend.

The agglomerator/compactor comprises two discs equipped with kneading bars, with one of these discs being rotatably mounted. To compact the material, a drive power ranging from 22 to 160 kilowatts is generated on the rotating disc.

In contrast to conventional pot agglomerators or compactors, the HV agglomerator operates in a continuous process without adding water to the product. The material undergoes initial crushing in a mill and is then automatically fed to the compactor via a buffer silo.

The resulting agglomerate undergoes further grinding in a post-mill. A wind sifter separates dust and fine particles, directing them for a subsequent run in the process.






Granulator HGM for Pre-Shredding

The HGM series granulators have been developed to crush challenging materials, particularly those that are tough or contain foreign bodies. These materials tend to quickly blunt the blades of standard mills and conventional shredders fail to produce the desired end product. Consequently, the slow-running HGM series granulators stand as the ideal technology for shredding within the recycling industry.

The HGM granulators amalgamate the advantages of shredders (resistant to foreign bodies and creating a blunt cut) with those of mills (crushing materials through cutting, making them suitable for soft and tough materials). They can also be employed as wet shredders for agricultural films.

The HGM granulators offer various advantages:

  • They are impervious to foreign bodies due to the integrated shear bolt coupling.
  • Their massive full steel rotor and wedge belt drive ensure quiet operation during shredding.
  • The blades have longer lifespans and are more cost-effective.
  • The housing comes standard with armor plating.
  • The horizontally divided housing allows optimal access to the rotor and cutting tools.
  • The slow operation minimizes dust generation and significantly reduces noise during the shredding process.



These mills are particularly effective for plastic and plastic waste recycling, for instance:

  • Used tires from automotive recycling
  • Bottles from household waste
  • Metal-reinforced rubber or plastic parts
  • Waste from automotive recycling
  • Heavily contaminated agricultural films

Einwellenshredder EWS für hohe Durchsätze

The Herbold single-shaft shredder series EWS is an advancement of the standard HR shredder series designed for high throughputs and challenging tasks.


Drive System:

  • Driven via gearing without vulnerable gears, providing optimal protection against damage from foreign objects.
  • Energy savings due to high inertia of pulleys during impact loads.
  • Higher efficiency compared to a gear transmission, allowing for easy adjustments of speed variants.


Shredder Construction:

  • Sturdy steel welded construction designed for heavy-duty applications.
  • Replaceable grinding chamber allowing the shredder to be back in operation within a short time in case of wear or breakdown with a replacement housing.
  • Stable design for the feed ram with replaceable wear plates.
  • PLC control with programmable feed.
  • Hydraulically swiveling screen basket for easy screen replacement.
  • Excellent access for maintenance, knife changes, and feed hydraulics.




    Cutting System:

    • Rotor roller with variable knife arrangement in easily replaceable knife cartridges.
    • Adjustable stator knives.
    • Option to supply rotor and stator knives in an extra wear-resistant design.
    • Oversized pendulum roller bearings housed in external steel bearing housings completely separated from the grinding chamber.
    • Optional water-cooled circulation available for the rotor.
    K2022 HV70 Silo Herbold Meckesheim 42cm
    HV-50 PSC Herbold Meckesheim