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Wings for your machines!


  •  Metal Conditioner AEROTEC is not a traditional oil additive. It is a 100% pure synthetic liquid that does not contain any solid bodies (such as Teflon-based additives, metals, copper or lead). It is an agent for the refinement of the highest quality metals, which does not change the plastic properties of metals and is effective on the basis of synthetic derivatives, protects metals with stable synthetic molecular bonds Adaptive Molecular Technologies, contains corrosion inhibitors. It is characterized by high molecular weight, high chemical and thermal stability. It does not belong to the group of hazardous substances, does not contain any harmful components in the U.S. 40CFR Section 261 Schedule and no solvents with low molecular stability. It reduces the oxidation properties of the metals.
  • Metal Conditioner AEROTEC is one of the last generation of metal conditioners, which shows its wide range of applications in motor sports, automotive industry, air, rail and bus transport and other industries (use in gears, hydraulics, in metalworking, refrigeration compressors, Air conditioners, bearing sets and other plants are gradually being used. It is intended for four- and two-stroke petrol and diesel engines, gearboxes, transaxles and other mechanisms. No special conditions are required for its use.
  • Metal Conditioner AEROTEC can be used in new and older engines, including other mechanisms, regardless of their degree of wear.
  • Metal Conditioner AEROTEC binds molecularly with the protected friction surface, where it forms a micromolecular protective surface on all rotation and friction walls. It has a liquid structure and does not clog filters or oil passages. Mixed with oil, it binds the permanent and permanent micromolecular lubricating layer with great strength and lubricity and is resistant to high temperatures and high mechanical loads. It prevents dry friction (cold start). Thanks to the circulation of the oil and lubricating fillings, the Metal Conditioner AERTOEC reaches the sliding and friction surfaces, where it immediately forms the internal protective structure and external protective film with the highest effectiveness.

Effectiveness of Metal Conditioner AEROTEC in weapons:

-          increases the muzzle velocity of the projectile by 41 feet (1 foot = 30.48 cm) per second
-          increased shooting accuracy by 11%
-          helps prevent weapon mechanisms from jamming
-          reduces wear and tear on weapon mechanisms
-          reduces the effects of corrosion, carbon and lead build-up - provides effective protection against corrosion
-          provides a wide range of weapon thermal protection
-          stays on the metal even after repeated shooting
-          highly concentrated and stable over time
-          best preservative and lubricant for firearms from pistols and submachine guns to large caliber cannons
-          Its application does not require special work instructions

Tests conducted in the Czech Republic have confirmed that:

-          engine power increases by 2 to 3% with the same fuel consumption,
-          the engines are subsequently sealed by the chemical route, thereby increasing the effectiveness of compression, which significantly affects the increased power of engines,
-          it can fully protect all engines from the so-called cold start,
-          it forms the molecular surface that prevents corrosion, even if seawater seeps into the oil,
-          it significantly reduces energy consumption,
-          it reduces oil and fuel consumption by 6-11%,
-          it does not increase the volume of toxic substances in the exhaust gases, on the contrary it reduces air and environmental pollution,
-          it corrects the backlash, extends the service life of the machines and devices, also provides full protection of the machines and devices against more serious damage and accidents,
-          the energy, maintenance and repair costs are demonstrably reduced, but primarily the investments in the new systems.


ATTENTION!!! If Metal Conditioner AEROTEC is used, the oil in the aggregates must be replaced according to the product instructions, however Metal Conditioner AEROTEC remains in the technologies.

By using Metal Conditioner you are helping the environment!!
How? They minimize the consumption of oil and lubricants.

It has the following physicochemical properties:


-          Flash point (°C) 210
-          Combustion temperature (°C) 235 minimum
-          Auto-ignition temperature (°C) 380
-          Solidification temperature (°C) -43
-          Turbidity temperature (°C) -32 (start point)

General basic advantages of using Metal Conditioner AEROTEC:

-          Permanent preservation of its properties even under extreme conditions.
-          Can be mixed with diesel, petrol, oil, synthetic and mineral oils and other lubricants.
-          It chemically forms a very resistant barrier that prevents corrosion, deposits and carbon combustion products. Most often it can be observed penetrating into the surface of the micrometal, where it connects directly to it and forms a new surface of resistance against the friction surfaces.
-          Reduction of friction, lowering of temperature ensures increase of power and thereby fuel consumption is significantly reduced.
-          Reduces noise by 2.5-4dB, vibration, works under high temperature.
-          The low amount of metals in the oil, determined by the laboratory, confirms that the significantly extended service life of all engines and aggregates is ensured.
-          It is an additive that ensures the service life and thereby the proper use of the machines in the most demanding working conditions.

TECHNOLOGY - Industrial Application - General Guidance:

-          CRANKCASE: 30-60 ml of ATC per 1 liter of oil in the engine after every 300 moto hours. For older machines or extreme conditions dose 60-75 ml per 1 liter of oil every 300 moto hours.
-          TRANSMISSIONS, INSULATED AGGREGATES: dosage 30-60 ml ATC/1 liter of oil. Recommended: add 25% of the dosage of AEROTEC to the specified filling of the machine / device every 25,000 moto hours, or add 50% of the prescribed amount of ATC to the specified filling of the machine / system every 50,000 moto hours.
-          COMPRESSORS: in piston, rotary, refrigeration and air conditioning units 30-60 ml ATC/1 liter of oil every 1000 working hours.
-          HYDRAULICS: Add 250 ml ATC for every 22 liters of hydraulic fluid every 1000 working hours (explanation: 11.36 g AEROTEC per 1 liter of hydraulic fluid = 250 ml ATC per 22 liters of hydraulic filling).
-          METAL MACHINING and PROCESSING: thin layer on the metal surface when cutting carbide, tapping, before drawing, drilling, grinding, pressing, milling and planing.
-          CYLINDER AND BALL BEARINGS: clean bearings in AEROTEC surface before assembly, or apply with a needle in the cages of the already assembled bearings. Mix ATC lightly with the lubricant (60 ml ATC for 1 kg of lubricant) and apply to the bearing housing.
-          IN WORKSHOPS: excellent lubricant for all devices including pneumatic devices, valves, chains, conveyors, all shafts, electric motor bearings, heaters and fans.
-          ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT: apply to crankshaft bearings, pivot pins, camshaft bearings, bearing surfaces (contact surfaces) and hoist feet. Usable already from -60°C
Verwendbar schon von -60°C




Metal Conditioner AEROTEC significantly reduces friction, which increases reliability and service life of parts, reduces fuel consumption and increases engine performance.
-          Significantly reduces the thermal stress on machines.
-          The engine and oil temperature when mixing with AEROTEC is not important.
-          General dosage: about 50 ml of ATC per 1 liter of oil

The ratios below refer to use under European conditions:

-          Gasoline engines 250 ml ATC for the total oil charge in the engine
-          Diesel engines 300 ml ATC for the total oil charge in the engine
-          Automatic transmission 150 ml ATC for the entire filling
-          Manual transmission (petrol) 200ml ATC for the entire fill
-          Manual gearbox (diesel) 250 ml ATC for the entire filling
-          Differential gear 150 ml ATC for the entire oil charge
-          Power steering 50 ml ATC for the total filling of the power steering hydraulic fluid
-          Four-stroke engines 100 ml ATC / 10 liters of petrol (at least 4 times a year)
-          Diesel engines 150 ml ATC / 10 liters motor diesel (at least 4 times a year)

Two-stroke engines:

-          Two-stroke engines 50 ml ATC / 1 liter of the two-stroke engine oil included in the fuel, mixed with petrol
-          Motorcycle gearbox 50 ml ATC / 1 liter of oil filling
-          Metal Conditioner AEROTEC has no negative effect on the plates and the function of the clutch in the oil bath of the motorcycles


-          Application (spraying) of Metal Conditioner AEROTEC under the rubber sleeve of the brakes (prevents penetration of water and other dirt to the working cylinder) significantly prevents jamming, corrosion and thereby ascension and unwanted effects of the brake fluid.
-          AEROTEC is exceptionally effective for the work of the injection pumps. Dose 250 ml of ATC into the full tank in the vehicle and all main rotating parts of the injection pump and at the same time all nozzles are serviced.

The reason for the non-linear application of Metal Conditioner AEROTEC is that it is NOT an ADDITIVE for oil, but a metal conditioner that acts directly on the internal metal friction surfaces of the treated machines. The amount does not depend on the volume of the oil fillings, but on the total size of the metal friction surfaces. The use of larger quantities than indicated has no negative effects. At least twice the dosage is needed for sports purposes.

ATTENTION!!! If oil additives with Teflon (PTFE) or copper or lead were used in the gearbox, control cabinet of the engine or machine, it is necessary to replace the oil filling including the filter and only then can AEROTEC including new oil fillings be used.

Metal Conditioner AEROTEC has an UNLIMITED WARRANTY. Metal conditioner AEROTEC is HIGH-TECH technology specially developed for aviation. 

Where is AEROTEC to be used?

Wherever there is contact metal – metal

AVIATION - engines, aggregates, cables, pull rods and connections, servos

INDUSTRY - MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT - machine tools, CNC technology, compressors, air conditioners, hydraulics, turning tools, drills, bearings, chains

AUTO MOTO – engines, gears, differentials, steering servos, chains

WEAPONS AND WEAPONS SYSTEMS - for semi-automatic and automatic weapons, scrap guns, rifles of all calibers, for all light and heavy weapons, self-propelled guns and tank guns, - no deposit is formed after repeated firing - it does not clog gas channels and does not pollute works, - ensures the Weapons stable operation in very difficult natural conditions and significantly reduces jamming

GARDEN TECHNOLOGY – mowers, chainsaws, hand tools

HOUSEHOLD – domestic water supply systems, pumps, sewing machines, door locks, door hinges, electrical appliances, bicycles

-          Friction
-          Temperature
-          Fuel consumption, oil consumption
-          Wear and tear of parts
-          Carbon deposits
-          Corrosion
-          Cold start

-          Reliability
-          Security
-          Lifespan
-          Consistency
-          Viability
-          Water repellency