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In the consultation regarding equipment for the plastic industry, Wilhelm T & P is the right point of contact. We have been working with leading international machine manufacturers from the textile and plastic industries for decades. This allows us to guarantee our customers the best quality and reliable service. We have been representing Herzog company highly successfully for more than two decades.


For over 150 years, the HERZOG family has been running the company as owners. The name stands for first-class quality and reliability of its machines, which are durable and functional. The wide range of more than 500 machines offers an optimal price-performance ratio.

HERZOG braiding machines are ideal for producing round and flat braids such as shoe laces, candle wicks, trimmings, cords, ribbons, ropes, or jacquard cords that can be used in jacquard (web) machines. With a braiding machine from HERZOG, you will receive top-quality that will still be long-lasting for many years to come.






Round braiding machine NG 2/16-120

The round braiding machine NG 2/16-120 has 2 sets of 16 bobbins and a spool with a volume of 547 cubic centimeters and dimensions of 63 by 200 millimeters. It operates at a speed of 330 revolutions per minute and has a bobbin protection with lift-up door. This machine is recommended for the production of cords with a diameter of up to 6 millimeters.







Strand braiding machine LZ 2/1/21/25-120

The LZ 2/1/21/25-120 is a braiding machine with two braiding heads, the first one having 21 bobbins and the second one having 25 bobbins. With a bobbin size of 63 x 200 mm (547 cc) and a speed of 280 RPM, the machine is ideal for the production of elastic and non-elastic braids, cords, and zigzag braids.





Rope braiding machine SE 1/12-266

The rope braiding machine SE 1/12-266 features 12 bobbins, a spool with a size of 135 x 380 mm (equivalent to 5,074 cc), and can operate at a speed of 110 rotations per minute. Additionally, it is equipped with an electronic stroke length control, stepless speed control, and an electronic reverse function. The machine has a bobbin protection with swing doors and a lock, and is particularly suitable for the production of ropes with a diameter of 6 to 25 mm.






Variation braiding machine VF 1/(4-32)-140

The VF 1/(4-32)-140 is a weaving machine that is equipped with 32 bobbins and an IFDA of 120. The coil has a volume of 547 cubic centimeters and is powered by a servo motor capable of achieving speeds between 50 and 200 revolutions per minute. The weaving machine has 24 pneumatically switchable switches and is particularly suitable for the production of variable and programmable weaving geometries.